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Interstellar Perception: Volume IV

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears, the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory, of its magnificence.

- Alan Wilson Watts

Concept science fiction story inspired by Void from Bezmir.

A setting in space was chosen:

Object: Boötes Void

Type: Supervoid

Galaxy: N/A

Constellation: Boötes

System: N/A


We achieved everything. Motivated to harness all light energy, we've mastered space travel across the expanding Universe. All galaxies share resources in a unified dependency through our comprehensive utilization of light. We bring our technologies and we flourish in unbound consumption.

We have nothing else to gain. The pure gamma ray energies of the supernovas and the quasars will fuel our intergalactic civilization for eons to come. Yet, our future is as inherently finite as the glorious energy we worship. All stars will extinguish in time, diminishing our magnificence.

We need to instead harness the impenetrable darkness. Like those that came before us, we wish we had sooner.

We readily learned to absorb radiation energy surrounding black holes. In prehistory, the bravest of our of predecessors journeyed into those depths never to return. That form of finite energy remaining a mystery, black holes were subsequently localized, siphoned, catalogued and ultimately avoided. No, not this impure energy.

We must continue our search and seek our dark answer within the galactic voids. Not containing light energy, these vast obscurities remain unexplored. It is time to become explorers once again and venture forth between the glowing folds of our galaxies.

I alone lead the mission to the emptiest place in the Universe. In an immense area of space traditionally composed of 10,000 galaxies, the Boötes Void is of only hundreds. These dim frontiers form an elliptical ring around the nothingness. A non-place devoid of matter that now beckons my presence.

I am of matter. Who am I to such a grand isolation?

I arrive and, on the boundary of darkness, light energy is preciously tangible. Observing this phenomenon of scarcity, I empathize with the heroes we sacrificed unto black holes. This new endeavor has to be different. The light pleads my return but I abandon my primordial comfort. As light fades, time dissipates.

I drift with vague awareness of my own presence. The uniform passage across 165 light years to the center of the Boötes Void is empty. The destination is empty. I wait to find the answer.

I am still of matter yet I am empty.

I embrace the abyss. My identity and purpose fades.

I succumb, elated at nothing.


We are screaming!

Our breathless wails are the only physical manifestations of our remaining consciousnesses.

We were wrong!

Our unified howls embody our mistake. An unavoidable failure experienced by all.

We warn!

Our shared doom urges our pleas.

We must avoid voids!

Our destiny is desolation of the highest order.

We know this Universe knows!


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