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Final Fantasy I [Game Boy Advance]

Final Fantasy 1 - Hardest Optional Bosses

Odysseys are lore-aligned tales of wandering and hardship.

Another Odyssey sets forth:

Defeat the Hardest Bosses within the Optional Shrines on Final Fantasy I: Dawn of Souls.

Final Fantasy 1 - Hardest Optional Bosses

Part I

Lost in World A, the Hard Optional Bosses in the Earthgift Shrine and Lifespring Grotto were Challenged. Numerous deaths and Game Overs ensued:

Gameplay Music

Artist: Blood Dwarf

Album: Blood Dwarf

Tracks: I - V


Part II

At last, upon reaching Level 99, the Hardest Optional Bosses from Final Fantasy I were slain.

Neither Items nor a White Mage party member was utilized:

Gameplay Music

Artist: An Old Sad Ghost

Album / Track: Ertrunkene Tote


Final Fantasy 1 - Hardest Optional Bosses

Internal Resources

Bestiary Entry #150/194 - Unicorn

Location: Whisperwind Cove between floors B22 - B30

The fabled Unicorn is located on the third iteration of the Flying Fortress map variant in Whisperwind Cove, and is generally accompanied by Duel Knights. Video overview below:

After 15+ hours of diligent hunting without EXP rewards, the Final Fantasy 1 Bestiary is 100% complete. More detailed information on the map iterations within Whisperwind Cove may be found at the below external resource:


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