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Final Fantasy Tactics [Game Boy Advance]

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Difficult Odyssey

Odysseys are lore-aligned tales of wandering and hardship.

Another Odyssey sets forth:

Embody the legacy of the Onion Knight and overcome Difficult Missions on Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Part I

A powerful enemy strikes the Onion Knight off balance and denies him of his Onion Sword. Incapacitated, the brave warrior is slain upon the hilltop of Delia Dunes...

Gameplay Music

Artist: Onion Knight

Track I: Into the Little Armor


Part II

With heroic determination, the Onion Knight counters the enemy with his Onion Sword and claims the high ground. A primal, wild swing ends his foe's wrath, at last.

Gameplay Music

Artist: Onion Knight

Track II: Goodbye My Dearest, A Last Tearful Dance

Track III: To the Battlefield, Otherwise There is No More Home


Part III

Empowered by the elder Onion Knights, the youngest warriors are cast upon the long spears of the Brass Dragoons. Yet, the wounded knights persevere and find leadership in Arthur and his Onion Sword. In defeat, the anguished Dragoon wails its Bangaa Cry in its death throes.

Gameplay Music

Artist: Onion Knight

Track IV: A Last Dance with the Fireflies

Track V: When Long Spears Impale Small Bodies



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