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Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Dash [GBA]

Original Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) - Hard Mode

Trials are open-form objectives with adjustable Difficulty scales or Collectability Challenges.

Another Trial is declared:

Complete all Levels as fast as possible in Diddy's Dash on Donkey Kong Country 2.


Diddy's Dash is a Time Trial feature with a Challenging incentive to execute multiple enemies in succession. When performed, the clock freezes for two or more seconds based on the number of enemies killed. For example, if three baddies are killed simultaneously, the timer pauses for three seconds allowing for a faster end race result.

Similar to the exclusion of Star Barrels in ROCKARD Mode on Donkey Kong Country 2, truly competitive Time Trial results in Diddy's Dash don't include checkpoint utilization and the default Par Times are simple to overcome. Dixie is excluded from the event and only Diddy may participate in his namesake's dash. Noble veterans of Hero Mode on Donkey Kong Country 1 for the Game Boy Advance may welcome this Difficult adjustment.

Thus, Diddy's Dash combines the Hard Difficulties of both ROCKARD Mode and Hero Mode to offer a worthy racing Challenge. Below are compilations of successive multi-kills across each of the Worlds in Diddy's Dash:


World I

Gangplank Galleon


I - Pirate Panic

II - Mainbrace Mayhem

III - Gangplank Galley

IV - Lockjaw's Locker

V - Topsail Trouble


World II

Crocodile Cauldron



I - Hot-Head Hop

II - Kannon's Klaim

III - Lava Lagoon

IV - Red-Hot Ride

V - Squawk's Shaft


World III

Krem Quay



I - Barrel Bayou

II - Glimmer's Galleon

III - Krockhead Klamber

IV - Rattle Battle

V - Slime Climb

VI - Bramble Blast


World IV

Krazy Kremland



I - Hornet Hole

II - Target Terror

III - Bramble Scramble

IV - Rickety Race

V - Mudhole Marsh

VI - Rambi Rumble


World V

Gloomy Gulch



I - Ghostly Grove

II - Haunted Hall

III - Gusty Glade

IV - Parrot Chute Panic

V - Web Woods


World VI

K. Rool's Keep



I - Arctic Abyss

II - Castle Crush

III - Clapper's Cavern

IV - Windy Well

V - Chain Link Chamber

VI - Toxic Tower


World VII

The Flying Krock


I - Screech's Sprint

[no multi-kills available]


World VIII

Gangplank Galley



I - Jungle Jinx

II - Fiery Furnace

III - Black Ice Battle

IV - Klobber Karnage

V - Animal Antics

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