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C&C: Red Alert 2 - Brutal AI Skirmishes [PC]

C&C Red Alert 2: Brutal Difficulty AI (Hard Mode)

Trials are open-form objectives with adjustable Difficulty scales or Collectability Challenges.

Another Trial is declared:

Vanquish Brutal Difficulty Artificial Intelligences in Skirmish Games on Red Alert 2.

C&C Red Alert 2: Brutal Difficulty AI (Hard Mode)


          Skirmish Games in Red Alert 2 are battles against Computer AIs without elaborate campaign monologues and predefined objectives. It is simply up to the player on how to destroy enemies, making it important to understand the key differences between Soviet and Allied nationalities. In short, Soviets have stronger yet more expensive vehicles that are most efficient at the beginning of a Skirmish Game. Alternatively, Allies possess stronger end-game opportunities such as those with prism-based technologies. Completing Hard Mode on the Red Alert 2 campaigns is a worthy primer to prepare for this intense, yet incredibly balanced warfare.


Brutal Difficulty AIs are Challenging but conquerable. Throughout a Skirmish only moderate waves of offensive units are utilized, rather than extensive armadas the way a human player would retaliate. To survive and compete, the more valuable gem resources must be prioritized and, ideally, a secondary base is constructed. Proper funding alongside balanced offense and defense maneuvers will offset the consistent attacks.

 For the sake of fairness, random game-play options are recommended which include the player start location and enemy nationality. Embrace the flexibility demanded of modern warriors when facing Brutal Difficulty AIs. Moreover, Truly Rigorous Difficulty seekers must avoid utilizing the below Skirmish exploits: 


- Destroying all of a map's bridges to prevent AIs from entering bases with land units -

- Sending Allied spies into one's own Barracks or War Factory for upgraded units -

- Creating multitudes of War Factories to speed unit production time -


          For example, in the case of destroying bridges, always leave at least one bridge available for AI land transportation (such as this 1-versus-3 match on Hammer and Sickle). Fairness is paramount for a rewarding victory against Challenging foes.


Skirmish I

Map: Canyon Fodder

Nationality: Iraq

Gameplay Music

Artist: Darkspace

Track II: Dark 4.19


Skirmish II

Map: Isle of War

Nationality: Iraq

Gameplay Music

Artist: Darkspace

Album: Darkspace II

Track II: Dark 2.9


Skirmish III

Map: Urban Rush

Nationality: Cuba

Gameplay Music

Artist: Burzum

Track VI: Móti Ragnarǫkum


Skirmish IV

Map: Cold War

Nationality: Libya

Gameplay Music

Artist: Darkspace

Track VII: Dark 3.17


Skirmish V

Map: South Pacific

Nationality: America

Gameplay Music

Artist: Bergrizen

Album: Autism

Tracks: I - II


Skirmish VI

Map: Hammer & Sickle

Nationality: Russia

Gameplay Music

Artist: Grifteskymening

Album: Demo 2008

Tracks: I & V


Skirmish VII

Map: Lake Blitzen

Nationality: France

Gameplay Music

Artist: Ildkjarn

Track XVI: Black Anger (Hate Meditation 1)


Skirmish VII

Map: The Alamo

Nationality: Cuba

Gameplay Music

Artist: Jordablod

Track I: Hin Håle


C&C Red Alert 2: Brutal Difficulty AI (Hard Mode)


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